The Psychology of Needs is based on the idea that pleasure and pain are the constitutive elements of every emotion and feeling, and that they depend, respectively, on the satisfaction and the lack of satisfaction of particular needs.

A consequence of this idea is that to suffer as little as possible and enjoy as much as possible, a human being should satisfy in the best possible and sustainable way a set of needs of his own and (given our interdependence) of others.

This goal is far from easy to achieve because of certain structural conflicts in society and the individual mind. Understanding such conflicts requires a systemic and ecological vision of nature in general, of culture, of the others and ourselves, a vision that should take into account, among other things, what differentiates us and the resistance to change, characteristic of all living beings.

This book offers several useful ideas and tools for that purpose.  It contains:

  • a description of human nature based on ideas from different authors about life, mind, man, and society;
  • a methodology and a set of tools to be used as a complement to psychotherapies of any kind or for self-improvement;
  • a set of multimedia resources to stimulate imagination and creative thinking.

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Bruno Cancellieri